Slatington is a great place to grow up

Slatington Pa
September 20, 2016

Slatington is a great place to grow up

slatington pa

slatington pa

Why buy a home in Slatington, PA?

Walk up to the Emerald Fireworks Festival every summer and get an outstanding view of the Emerald Fireworks from the privacy of your backyard. Ideal location, just minutes from major routes.

It’s just a short walking distance from shopping, easy access to the Emerald playground and ball fields for kids. Yes, there is the Rails-to-Trains (D&L Trails) path too, only a short distance away.

Here’s what you get – well constructed Twins & Townhouses, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and full basements with outside entrance, a walk-in closet, two-storey foyers, circle top windows and much more.

The Twins come with 3 bedrooms, family rooms, dining room and formal living, with 2-car garage. The homes are built by Dale R. Dech Inc. – a leading Pennsylvania home builder, in business since 1962!

About Slatington, PA

Slatington is a borough in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania with a population of 4,281. It is about 70 miles north of Philadelphia, 20 miles north of Bethlehem and 62 miles south of Scranton.

Slatington, PA is a historically significant place, which has a lot going for it.  According to Wikipedia, Slatington owes its origins to Nicholas Kern, who was the first white settler here, way back in 1737. Kern built a sawmill here, the remains of which can be seen even today.

Before that, the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans were living around here at the “Warriors Path,” which is now referred to as Route 873. A lot has happened in Slatington since then, of course. It has since grown into a very family friendly place, with stunning natural surroundings.

There’s a lot to see and do in Slatington. The Victory Park, where you will find the community pool, is certainly a place you will want to visit often. There’s also a disc golf course here, where you will spend many enjoyable hours.

The Lehigh Valley Zoo is at a short distance away. This is a great place to take kids to and has kangaroos, bobcats, bison, cockatoos, and penguin pavilion. There’s a camp for kids too.

The Fireman’s Drinking Fountain and Slatington Historic District are on the list of National Register of Historic Places and are certainly worth a visit.

The #1 reason to buy a house is the D & L Trail.  This is a special hiking trail that connects Slatington to Northampton. It is a part of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor and is dedicated to the memory of a famous Eagle Scout Asher F. Boyer, who was responsible for developing this project.

You will enjoy going on a walk along this trail, with runs for fifteen miles along the western side of the Lehigh River near Route 329, as well as through the old Lehigh Valley Railroad.

As you go along this trail, you will find yourself surrounded by nature from all sides – lush green forests, proud and obdurate rock cliffs, with stunning views of the majestic Lehigh River. You will be struck by the peacefulness and tranquility of this part of the world; a complete absence of noise, except for the pleasant chirping of the birds.


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